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Start A Business
Use our platform to :
  • Sell your goods and services for Bitcoin
  • Pay your staff in bitcoin
  • Purchase bitcoin on the fly with your debit or credit card
  • Attract consumers in your neighbourhood
  • Keep running costs to a minimum
  • Pay minimal fees only when you buy or sell, no monthly subscriptions
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    Keep It Safe
    Our security protocols ensure :
  • All funds coming in or out of BizSafe are transparent on the blockchain
  • All sensitive data is encrypted in house and over the wire
  • The optional escrow service guarantees payment
  • The fiat payment gateway is 3D secure
  • Our Disaster Recovery solution provides 99.9% availability
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    Help it Grow
    We provide :
  • A public profile page to link visitors to your social media accounts
  • A network of sales people who will promote your goods in return for a commission (optional)
  • An internal messaging system to communicate with your customers
  • Geo-location tracking services within your specified radius
  • Need to know more?
    Watch our 2 minute video to see why you would want to be part of the BizSafe community
    Our Video
    How We Operate
    Bitcoin price continuously fluctuates therefore when you submit your product/service you do so in one of the most common fiat currencies

    Any time your product displays in the market, the system converts your price to the equivelent value in South African Rand, and then to the value of bitcoin on the South African Luno Exchange.

    We update the BTC rate every 150 seconds and other currencies every hour

    When a sale is made you are paid the BTC value of the product/service as it was at the time of the transaction

    The BTC is paid into your BizSafe Earnings Wallet

    Find out more about the wallets provided below

    Our Marketplace Exchange Rates
    2018-05-22 10:59 AUD 9.54288
    2018-05-22 10:59 CAD 9.843228
    2018-05-22 10:59 EUR 14.83816
    2018-05-22 10:59 GBP 16.927278
    2018-05-22 10:59 HKD 1.59993
    2018-05-22 10:59 JPY .113191
    2018-05-22 10:59 NGN .034882
    2018-05-22 10:59 NZD 8.749671
    2018-05-22 10:59 USD 12.557498
    2018-05-22 10:59 ZAR 1
    2018-05-22 11:40 BTC 110004
    Compliments of Luno and Currencylayer
    BizSafe Wallets
    Click the ellipsis to find out how to use these wallets
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    Transactions close
                          This wallet is where your earnings are deposited whenever you sell something in the marketplace, or if you work for one of the companies that pay via BizSafe. 
      You can also top up the BTC in this wallet using your credit/debit card.  
      The BTC in this wallet can be used to purchase goods and services out of the marketplace.  You can also transfer them into your Asset Wallet or send them to an external bitcoin wallet address 
    Saving more_vert
    Saving close
                          This wallet is used to help you to save.  You can pay fiat currency straight into this wallet, or you can transfer BTC out of your earning wallet into your Asset Wallet.
      Any BTC that you transfer into your asset wallet can only be withdrawn after 30 days.  Think of it as a 30 day fixed deposit account 
    Escrow more_vert
    Escrow close
                          When you place an order in the marketplace the value of the order is transferred out of your transactions(earning) wallet into your holding wallet, and the supplier is notified that the funds are secured so that he/she will keep the item for you, or start working on the project.  The BTC remain in your holding wallet until the goods/services are delivered.  When both parties are happy that the transaction is complete, the BTC is transferred to the suppliers earning wallet. 
    Commissions more_vert
    Commissions close
                          When submitting a product in the marketplace there is the option to offer a commission to the person that sends you the buyer.  Products that take advantage of this feature are highlighted in the marketplace. 
    We have a large community of network marketers that promote such products on their social media, and via email campaigns.  If one of their promotions result in someone seeing your product and purchasing it, the referrer earns the commission that you offered.  If the product is sold without being promoted, the commission is paid to the person that invited the buyer to join the site.
     Offering commissions and promoting products is optional. 
     At the time of the sale, commissions are deducted from the selling price and paid into the referrers commission wallet.  There, they accumulate until their value exceeds R200.00 worth of bitcoin, and are then transferred into the persons Earning Wallet where they can be withdrawn.
     You do not pay commission if your product does not sell.  You can also earn commission from anyone you refer to a product, or from someone you refer to the site that buys directly out of the marketplace  
    Topping Up and Withdrawing your Bitcoin
    You can top up your Earning and Asset Wallet using your Debit or Credit Card and withdraw your bitcoin by sending it to any address on the bitcoin blockchain. If you do not have a personal bitcoin wallet, we will help you create one
    Terms and Conditions
    Please preview and print or download a copy for your records