List Services in Market
BizSafe members may list their products/Services in the BizSafe Mall and sell them for bitcoin. This is a free service and no credit card is required.

When you list the service you need to specify the currency and rate for the service. When your service is queried we convert your currency into South African Rand and then into bitcoin. If a customer opts to pay via the site, you will receive the value of the service in bitcoin.

Members of our community that have bitcoin in their Earning Wallet may purchase these products/services. You can get bitcoin into your Earning wallet by selling your goods or services, or by Topping Up your wallet. You can Top Up your wallet using a debit or credit card.

The bitcoin will be kept in your holding wallet until the customer confirms they have received the service and will then be released into your earning wallet

It is recommended that payment be made when you and the consumer are together