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BizSafe Donation Program
Double or Quits
A once off out of pocket expense
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Earn passive income
Minimal Start Up Cost
Start with as little as R100.00. Double your money at every cycle.
Two by Two
Everyone just brings in 2 referrals. Only 6 slots to fill the grid and cycle.
Double or Quit
Opt to withdraw all your funds at the end of the cycle, take half and play the same grid, or use all your earnings to move to the next grid
Minimal Recruiting
Team follows you from grid to grid, so you should only need to recruit two people
Never Expires
No limit to the number of payment cycles nor on the time it takes to fill the grid
Advanced algorythyms ensure fair distribution of spillovers on orphan members
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What millenials want
How each grid works
You Donate
Pay your donation to start your grid. The starting product is R100.00, but you may join any of the boards (R200.00, R400.00, R800.00, R1600 or R3200)
Recruit Two
You recruit two people and they each donate the same that you did. You get half of what they donated, so 2 x 50% ensures you have your investment back.
Pay Day
Each of your referrals recruit two people and your grid is full. You earn 25% of each of their donations. 4 x 25% plus 2 x 50% = Doubles your initial donation
Cash Out
Once your grid is full, you can decide to play again or retire from the board. If you retire you take the 200% earned from the grid
Stay and Play
If you decide to stay, you can withdraw your initial donation and start a new grid on the same board. You pay from your earnings so there is no out of pocket expense
Double Up
You may also choose not to cash out anything, but rather take your entire earnings and start a grid on the next board. As you'll be donating double you will be paid out double.
There are 6 boards, you can start on any of them, or join more than one, but you may only have one active grid per board at a time.
  • BizSafe Cycle Program - R100.00
  • BizSafe Cycle Program - R200.00
  • BizSafe Cycle Program - R400.00
  • BizSafe Cycle Program - R800.00
  • BizSafe Cycle Program - R1600.00
  • BizSafe Cycle Program - R3200.00