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BizSafe MLM
Reach Further, Faster
Predictable, recurring income
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Turn your monthly spending habits into a business
Minimal Start Up Cost
Only R200.00 to get started and up to 2 months to find your first two referrals. Requires only 2 referrals on level one to break even, thereafter its all profit.
Recurring Income
Earn R50.00 once-off introductory fee for anyone that joins and R100.00 every month that they stay on the program
Earn Passive Income
Pays up to 8 levels deep dependant on the number of members on your level one. Try our calculator to determine your earning potential
No experience necessary; we train you for free. Excellent tools to help you attract, manage and retain your team
Pays on 1st of every month but you can withdraw up to 50% during the month.
Multiple Cash Out Options
Withdraw earnings to South African Bank Account, Paypal, bitcoin wallet, in Airtime or Adventure-SA Vouchers
15 Reasons to choose BizSafe MLM
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Saving The Memories
Try our Income Calculator

Determine your earning potential and find out more about the program
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What millenials want
Join today. You only need two referrals to break even and you can opt out anytime
No Debit Order
If your MLM earnings are insufficient to cover your monthly subscription, any balance due to you is paid into your Earning wallet and it is up to you if you wish to make a manual payment to continue with the program or opt to lapse
Opt Out Anytime
If your subscription remains unpaid for two consecutive months, your membership lapses and your network is rolled up to your referrer. You may also select to retire from the program at any time
Up to 60 days to break even
When first subscribing, you may opt to apply the payment to the current period or to the period that follows. This allows you extra time to recruit the two members that will ensure you break even. Once you break even there are no more out of pocket expenses
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Upcoming Training Sessions
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The blue sessions are webinars, the orange sessions are live classroom training. To find out more about an event - or to register - please click on the calendar item to go to the event page.
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